Experience Body, Mind and Consciousness.

What is Experiential Yoga?

Experience your Body, your Mind and your Consciousness. In your own speed. We don’t do things hastily or automatically, but with full awareness. Experiential Yoga helps you connect with your inner self and find happiness, balance, bliss and a grounded, comfortable home in your body, mind and spirit.

What is Experiential Yoga based on?

Experiential Yoga is based on traditional Tantric Yoga. Tantric does not mean sexual, it is one of the main traditional branches of Yoga that focuses on meditation, awareness and eventually transcendence.

Tantric Yoga is not exercise-, but meditation based. Some postures and breathing techniques from traditional Hatha Yoga are used to prepare, calm and balance body, mind and spirit.

What is the difference to popular Yoga?

Most popular Yoga branches are exercise-based (Book: The Yoga Body).

Tantric Yoga is traditional and original. Its practice leads to higher levels of energy in the body and the mind.

Traditional Yoga has as its final goal the realization of full consciousness (“enlightenment”) of the practitioner.

Why traditional Yoga?

While we certainly don’t mind being creative and inventing new things, traditional systems have one advantage:

Traditional systems such as traditional Yoga usually have hundreds, if not thousands of years of experience behind them. Think of Ayurveda (5000 years of written history), Traditional Chinese Medicine (3000 years of written history), Herbal Medicine (thousands of years worldwide) and many others.

Why relaxation?

Most chronic diseases in the western world are either caused or majorly influenced by chronic stress or trauma.

Our mind in its need to control things can override our innate systems, which know how to heal and what to heal if we let them.

If we allow our brains to function in a more balanced way, our bodies will not only heal but enable us to life live in a more relaxed and optimized way.

What is Meditation?

Meditation is nothing weird, to be afraid about or difficult. It is simply a technique to calm the mind.

Scientific research shows an increase of alpha brainwaves during meditation, which are the same brainwaves that occur when you listen to relaxing music, observe a beautiful nature scene or watch TV.

When you reach these states through Meditation though, they are associated with creativity, rest and emotional wellbeing.

Scientific research

Currently, there are almost 8000 publications on meditation and more than 6000 on Yoga available in the scientific literature.

Research into deeper methods of meditation shows an increase in delta-brainwaves (dream state) in very deep and long meditations and Yoga Nidra relaxation.

The highest functioning state of the brain seems to be attained during a spike of gamma-brainwaves which have been associated with spiritual experiences and a state long described as “enlightenment”.


If we start watching what motivates us, lean back and take a look at our life – isn’t it that we are always looking for happiness? Be it in relationships, entertainment, food, alcohol, drug use, travel, work, etc.?

Almost all the sources of happiness offered in the world come from the outside of us or need an outside partner.

Imagine a happiness swelling up from your inside, something that is always there with you, the moment you close your eyes. Something that makes you happy no matter where you are and what you do.

Who we are

We are a small meditation circle in the City of Redlands in Southern California.

We meet as a loose group without big expectations or strict rules. You and your own experience stand in the center. We just help guide you there.

We are trauma-informed and use techniques from other traditions to help you achieve whole-level healing and greater peace and happiness in your life.

If you are interested in joining us but can’t do so physically, please send us a request to include you in our zoom meetings.

Where do we meet?

We currently meet at the Wellness Loft in Redlands, CA every Tuesday at 7pm.

For zoom meetings or recordings please send us a request.